Air Stream Consultants Start Meetings For Our//Space Malaysia

The franchise laws in Malaysia are unique in many ways and we advise any franchisor to seek legal advice before making a start. The Franchise Act (FA) is one that allows regulators to add to a franchise territory size, prevent new companies from entering the market and seeks compensation from a franchisor who does not renew a franchisees agreement.

Although the FA does not expressly restrict the manner in which a franchisor recruits franchisees or selects its suppliers, the government does exercise some form of control and impose certain conditions (when granting its approval during the approval application/registration process). For instance, if the territorial area granted to a potential franchisee is considered to be too small or restrictive, the Registrar would request that the applicant to extend the territorial right to a larger area (usually by reference to a radius in km). The Registrar of Franchises would also require the franchisor to submit a list of its suppliers in granting approvals. If the franchisor has not shown profitability or healthy growth in their financial statements for the franchise business, the Registrar is likely to refuse the approval application or registration on the basis that the franchisor is not ready to sell its franchise systems to franchisees in Malaysia.



Kevan Halliwell CEO Our//Space meeting Mr Yusuf from Malaysia

It might however be a case of attending a tradeshow in say Singapore and nobody can stop a Malay businessman from approaching your stand and making a master franchise enquiry.

If this does happen I would suggest you ask the prospect to come up with some answers and this is what is happening with Our Space after Air Stream had some great guys to meet after the franchise show


This link offers helpful IFA advice on global franchising law



Airstream Consultants Takes Our//Space Into Singapore

12 to 14 October was the date to launch Our//Space URBAN into Asia and the launch was the well known franchise and licensing show in Singapore.


FLAsia is a significant channel for introducing foreign business concepts and brands into Asia and a springboard for local companies to expand overseas. Presented by FLA Singapore, and organised by BizLink Exhibition Services, a subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings, the three-day event was on October 12 to 14 at Marina Bay Sands, Exhibition Hall.

14724554_187110125071825_1705601507982427877_n.Our//Space is the first ever global Coworking operator to offer franchise on a global basis.

The show was a great success with partnership and franchise negotiations taking place on 9 franchise locations.


Launch morning at Marina Bay Sands


Our Space CEO Kevan Halliwell negotiates a new Singapore outpost for Our Space in SunTec City.

Main right Kevan Halliwell CEO Our//Space follows up in Singapore and forms new alliance and Singapore office with James Gillingham the new country director.Far right top, Erica Tang’s company announced as official partner of Airstream and will develop Singapore marketplace for franchisees