I’m Richard, blogger/ global business consultant,

I connect emerging franchisers into new countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia. This all starts by advising business savvy entrepreneurs (savvy because they understand the power of reducing risk by importing a proven system) seeking to invest in a master or develop multi unit franchise.


Richard Williams of Airstream Consultants (UK) limited

Hi, I’m Richard I’m passionate about building franchise companies and bringing networks together that make people’s lives better. I have a fabulous team to support you in the various networks franchise support systems that you might need. Together we have launched everything from emerging franchisors through to to the world’s biggest brands. I travel between Europe & Asia, this allows me to service all these regions and a few more countries in between. Your business sounds ready to scale up and I am excited to partner with you! 2

Helping entrepreneurs find their dream business, means that I also get to help franchisers or manufacturers/service providers build their dream businesses. I love what I do!


As I travel between Europe & Asia, my areas of specialism are fast growth franchise companies seeking a gateway to Europe, Asia and the Middle Eastern region.

Having offices in UK & Sri Lanka allows me to service all these regions.

If you believe your business is ready to scale up to the next level and be a global opportunity -I am excited to partner with you!

By good fortune my entry into U.S.market leaders going for global growth came through a chance meeting with a gentleman from Arizona called Dustin (Dusty) Greene (who is sadly no longer with us) and he showed me just how taking a proven business system into new countries made him wealthy, Dusty explained how he worked with another entrepreneur whose place on the Forbes Rich List was achieved by making sales through what he called the ‘peoples franchise’..

Following in their footsteps I slowly learned how to be successful, I say slowly as products that help the occupants of the universe tend to make money a little more slowly than those that harm the planet but the money does seem to last a lot longer

As a business developer it has been a pleasure to work with a handful of extraordinary people many of whom have been involved with me for around twenty years sharing a vision for a a different way forward.

We have in the past brought carefully selected global leading companies into the EMEA and Asia region who meet our criteria to switch high consumption, high stress corporate lifestyles for greener lifestyles.

We help with franchise development plans on a country by country basis, our role is to get market data, look at  competitive positioning, you need to be within a growing segment, have a pilot with solid financial qualifiers, I look at your unit level economics and we check the investment costs in relation to the sales ratios, the ability to translate strong operational systems into cross border culture is critical and I only work with  management teams who have BIG aspirations.

Our focus is to work with management teams who say – we have a BIG vision and business model we want to share with the world. These are the management teams who will follow through. After we have dug the well –  we need to know the team will actually draw the water and are going to do all it takes to open this country. We travek huge distances, do groundwork, launch you, find entrepreneurs and need you to commit to back us to do this.

We don’t seek a fortune to open a country, we mainly work on a results only basis but frankly the travel, groundwork, launch and sitting in front of entrepreneurs costs USD $15,000 (circa £10,500).

Should an operator consider $15,000 (circa £10,500) too high a cost, we take this as a strong message of a business with one or even two issues. The issues we discover are generally that they are either an under capitalized  operator or the franchisor is in doubt the model will work for the owner operator in new countries.

Whilst we act as humble consultants we would never comment negatively about a franchisor not investing in the opening in a new country. Frankly if we feel any hesitation we encourage a start without investment upfront and we can move this franchisor from A TEAM to B TEAM  ( B means BE watched with caution).

We don’t charge six figure set up costs for a country but I also won’t be bank rolling you going global with zero contribution from a prospective world leader.

Our approach has seen US world leading brands utilize our support to open several continents, many countries and appoint thousands of agents.

We’ve recruited franchisees/agents, trained, managed, found country managers for many U.S. market leaders:

Real estate, recruitment, health care/at home, food & beverage, health, water filtration, security, diet, nutrition, staycation/leisure homes, energy conservation and renewable energy are the areas we have (collective experience) worked in.

We love delivering your bold vision, by focusing on what happens we are your connection to the opening of your big global franchise.
We decided as a group we could use our business experiences to take action and we see emerging franchise brands as being of vital importance to the future of many people.

We can look at as many or a few countries as you wish on an annual basis.

If you are based overseas, we can act as an extension of your franchise sales and support office. We know the best results come from having a European based operations team.

I encourage an UK operations company be formed, it is 100% owned by the franchisor but shows your target market you are serious and that you (even its me) are around to deal with any questions on a local support basis.

The UK is a great place to come to as franchising is worth a record £15bn.

We have seen a 14% surge in the number of outlets owned by franchisees in the past two years.

In the UK we have 901 companies covering 44,000 franchisee-owned units in the UK.

According to research the personal services industry accounts for the biggest portion of growth, with a 19pc increase in the number of franchises since 2010 to 234. There are 12,640 units within the sector, which includes businesses such as children’s tuition and pet grooming parlours. The retail sector did not grow but is over 5000 units and

As a passionate global franchise coach my mission is to help franchisors to take the fear and much of the huge expense associated with launching overseas away.


Richard Williams



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