Awakening The Giant Estate Agent Within

Dear Property Entrepreneur

The estate agency business is about to break due to under supply of housing stock and online competitors eroding margins.

As you read this another estate agent will be closing down forever, at the same time however 5% of agents are breaking the sound barrier in how they approach, engage and enroll buyers, sellers and landlords/tenants.

I would like to invite you to escape the costs that hold you back from join with the 5% of agents who make 95% of the sales/lettings and we can how you grow your business.

We are transforming small estate agents nationwide because we know why small businesses don’t work. In the main this is because as the business owner must work 100% of the time in a business and not on it. We embrace and have made fortunes listening to Michael E Gerber

Michael E. Gerber is an American author and founder of Michael E. Gerber Companies, a business skills training company based in Carlsbad, California with a reputation for the bring ingthe best small businesses intto the top 5%

As Micheal E Gerber states most small business do not work as it is the owner working in the business doing it doing it doing it — busy busy busy busy– 7 days a week 12 hours a day until they stop, they burn out and give up.

The estate agents works hard but the business does not work as the people who own the business knock their brains out, they might not quit, they might be open and still have given up.

The amount of transactions last month in the UK was around 100,000 with 20,000 agents this means the average amount of sales per agent was 5 for the month and the average disguises many who are suffering due to 5% of operators taking 95% of the sales

To go beyond helping anyone who is struggling to get more new instructions, buyers, sellers or develop systems we are going from your business is now and we have the support ti make you the preeminent provider of whatever sector of the property area it is that your business offers.

To accomplish that, you need to be regarded as something much more than just another property guy, we show you a way to grow your business that doesn’t require you to “just work harder.”

What our team has done time after time is to create  entirely new industries based on what you do that works and then encapsulating that in a monumentally disruptive point of view which is puts you in an iconic part of your specialised marketplace.

The above is simplified in customise, standardise and monetize by gaining leverage.

As an office doing 5 transactions in a months means no profit, it makes me ask what on earth they are doing for fun it is because they are not having any fun in a business doing such small fee revenue.

We are helping estate agents to gather under the umbrella of what will be the most successful small business in the world of property.

A  commodity like Starbucks sells coffee or Mc Donalds sells burgers or shakes.en Ray Kroc started selling burgers he did this age 52 with kids that you cannot get to clean the room. This was the most successful small business in the world and is beijg caught up fast by Starbucks. The U.S. giants such as RE/MAX have never quite made the same impact in the U.K., Century 21 gained little traction outside the M25, ERA came then vanished and Keller Williams some would state is great worldwide with critics pointing at stunted numbers in the UK and OTHERS say they are a little more money motivated in the USA than UK estate agents ought to

However once you know how to translate what works in the U.S, into the UK just like Howard Schulz, Ray Kroc who did not go to work in the business they went to work on the business and built the best small businesses in the world that crossed borders.

Was there coffee before Starbucks– was there hamburgers before Mc Donalds? Of course! They sell these commodities better than anybody else and that is what you will have to do in property. We ask yout to go to work on the company not in the company.

Mc Donalds have 300% staff turnover!

This is the age of the new entrepreneur and in particular the new entrepreneurial estate agent.

This is the age that sees the world being transformed, the property market is baeing changed, you will either be rolled over by it or you are going to be on the cusp of this New Wave  Property business.

You will either choose or choose not to do anything and unless you look at the reality of this message you will have your head in your hands when you need not struggle.

We are sharing the truth of all business and sharing the message that has worked for us in sector after sector.

You will work with us to build a business model and we will work with you to buy/sell or rent business better than any other business

Experience is the worst teacher in the world. Knowing all about property is your greatest handicap.

Experience is the worst teacher in the world. Knowing all about property is your greatest handicap.

After decades in business a revolution is taking place through the veil of technology and I can assure you that in estate agency ‘you haven’t seen nothing yet!’

We’re preparing to launch the most disruptive small  business methodology ever delivered to the property business.

Is your business something you can franchise?


Why no?

Because you have to go to work everyday to make your business work and you go to work to get busier at your job.

It is scary when I tell you your job is coming to an end.

20,000 agents with 5 sales each and lower margins means the business has closed. The 80/20 rule just passed by and we are heading to 95/5 rule and you might ask NOW WHAT.

This is the evolution on working on the creation of a unique property business that will bring every estate agent an alternative income and a retirement plan.

By showing you how to work on a business that works predictably in the hands of anybody is the answer.

We will demystify the business we will take your unique business something that will work if for some reason you cannot get to work the next week in business.

If anybody says nobody can do what I do then they have a business that does not work.

You should sell you but at the same time you must teach others how to work in your business- show them how to farm an area, make contacts, take a listing, have the ability to connect, do a market appraisal, close a sale and conclude business.

Have we a lifetime of estate agency expertise?


The thing we know is that every UK business is the same

We need lead generation

Converting leads to meetings

Convert meetings into signed up business and seeking out the value of each transaction.

and repeat or client lifetime

Raymond Albert “Ray” Kroc was an American businessman and philanthropist. He joined McDonald’s in 1954 and built it into the most successful fast food operation in the world

Ray Kroc started out knowing every business is the same!

At age 52 he started his company age 52 he ended up 30 years later a multi billionaire and he did this by knowing what you need to know.

Ray built IP (intellectual property) which came from documenting every action, every word and every manner to build a documented culture.

I and my team will work with you to evolve your estate agents from a company of one or two through to a 100 or beyond

It’s that story we’re are unveiling first in the West Midlands area of Hereford & Worcester, and then each and every city, town and geographic region in the world.

And it’s that story which will transform the way your property business attracts and grows not tens, or hundreds, or thousands, but literally hundreds of thousands of eager and willing clients and customers to the fold.

Our background has impacted hundreds of thousands of people in the past, we have been part of the growth stories of the UK’s fastest growing companies and I invite you to come to learn  how you can create a model of your estate agent which over the next year will prove itself to be a transformation from where it is today.

We have made people fortunes in building large businesses on hundreds of occasions and in many countries

We need you to connect with your mission, we need to customize then standardize and make your business entrepreneurial.

Think back to Starbucks! Most coffee shops used to have a one size fits all, some had a cup or mug and some had a takeaway paper cup.

You might go to a coffee shop today to find small or medium or large, others call small regular but you will not get any of these at Starbucks and frankly who knows what all those words they use meant at first. The first trip to Starbucks is one that throws the routine of the window and makes you understand this is some place different.

Venti – Tall- Grandi- Trenta- It is a new language that is customized then standardized to allow staff of any level to create the largest amount of sales in the world. Do people flock to Starbucks because it is the cheapest? Far from it!

Find out more about this wonderful new adventure for estate agents of all shapes and sizes by contacting me by email

Do hang on as a tough market only shakes the lose apples off the tree.

Best regards


Richard Williams

Richard Williams


Buy Your Own Holiday Home holiday And Be Involved In The Next Boom

Renting out a two-bedroom holiday lodge to holidaymakers seeking a break closer to home can produce an interestingly decent  income level of £650 a week and 30 weeks is the average occupancy level.

It would be fair to obtain between £15,000 and £30,000 a year, according to my research. Larger holiday cottages will see an of £30,000 a year gross.

Desirable FHL tax breaks add to the appeal of holiday-home ownership – at a time when the Government is slashing tax reliefs on residential buy-to-let this makes the buy-to-let boom shift into holiday letting.

Not really one for those who want to borrow but is an option for those wanting a pension investment in which they could have a holiday themselves.

Richard Williams FHL Tax relief If you operate under the “furnished holiday letting” rules, you can offset 100% of the expenses including all of the mortgage interest against the rental income.

Richard Williams FHL Tax relief
If you operate under the “furnished holiday letting” rules, you can offset 100% of the expenses including all of the mortgage interest against the rental income.

So, for example, if you were buying a cottage for £350,000 with a 75pc mortgage fixed for two years at 2.85pc, a landlord in the 40pc tax bracket could claim £2,992.50 in tax relief, while from 2017 a buy-to-let landlord’s tax relief will be capped at £1,496.25 – a difference of nearly £1,500.

Running a holiday let is treated by HM Revenue & Customs under the concept of any trading business, this means that losses can be carried forward and offset against future profits.

The great part about furnished holiday letting is that its a trading business and is run by some huge groups. If Butlins or other Bourne Leisure operators need this allowance I believe it would be difficult to justify how tax relief could be cut back in isolation from other trading activities.

The great part about furnished holiday letting is that its a trading business and is run by some huge groups. If Butlins or other Bourne Leisure operators need this allowance I believe it would be difficult to justify how tax relief could be cut back in isolation from other trading activities.

Furnished holiday letting (FHL) carries the needful to help you qualify for entrepreneurs’ relief  and therefor will cut your capital gains tax take to 10pc. Otherwise any taxable gain will be hit by an 18pc deduction below the higher rate threshold or 28pc above.

More than a hands off operation, you might consider becoming actively involved in the business and, providing a laundry service or breakfast. Why? If you are active in the business it might be that your accountant can help you to get this business property a gain from inheritance tax relief on death.

Airstream Consultants  help buyers arrange buy to holiday businesses for those seeking an investment they can use whilst creating an income. For a holiday lodge on a golf club or a seaside apartment get in touch with the FHL team for FREE sourcing advice on 0845 055 8203

Airstream Consultants help buyers arrange buy to holiday businesses for those seeking an investment they can use whilst creating an income.
For a holiday lodge on a golf club or a seaside apartment get in touch with the FHL team for FREE sourcing advice on 0845 055 8203

To qualify for furnished holiday-let tax treatment, the property must be available for letting for 210 days a year and actually let for 106 days. If you have more than one property, occupancy can be averaged to qualify and I can advise you further if you need help by putting you in touch with the best advice

Email Our UK Parks team
advise on the valuation,
sale and purchase of
hotels, park homes,
lodges and holiday
parks/activity leisure
Contact Richard Williams
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Collaboration with community growth is the key for 21st century estate agents- going from me to we,

How many of you have books-CD’s-videos that you should throw away but cannot quite bring yourself to chuck out.

These are of use to others- but we have seen them all and if we all swapped our information the global village will take off.

Margaret Mead was an American cultural anthropologist who featured frequently as an author and speaker in the mass media during the 1960s and 1970s

Margaret Mead was an American cultural anthropologist who featured frequently as an author and speaker in the mass media during the 1960s and 1970s

Technology is make us swap our neighborhood information, we now share cars or money with peer lending and this is called collaborative consumption.

Let’s make a veritable crowd of estate agents who are creative collaborators, the agents work peer 2 peer, working on primate instinct as we are monkey’s after all and we move from a culture of me to a culture of we.

In 2008 we hit a wall as the property ponzi scheme and ponzi banks hit the wall. After the recsssion we made a big shit away from hyper consumption, just as people share things online we are now sharing off line.

The first is redistrubtion as we share things, the second is sharing lifestyles, co working, land share, matching say Mr Jones with spare land with Mrs Smith who wants to grow fruit & veg. matching these people together.

Just like owning a power drill- we use it for 40 minutes in our lives and then it sits idle for years. We only wanted a hole not a drill and we could instead share or rent a drill.

The company called Zipcar did something similar, people gave up their car for a month and used a Zipcar as the wanted it. Hundreds did not want their car keys back and fulled a massive change in ownership.

We are evolving fast when we used to own car, now we get P2P car rental, lift sharing, Zipcar style rental and car clubs.

The company Swapgtree does the same with books, DVD’S and CD’s.

To take a leap we must do this in estate agency we tums rediscover leapfrog hyper consumption. The workplace is evolving, allowing for flexible hours and offering workplace environments that are more casual settings designed with all the comforts of home and more.

Today’s professional wants to feel both comfortable and confident ou are starting a company, you need to be prepared for anything, because your day is not just 9 to 5. You need to wear clothing that will make you confident and have the diversity to get through the day no matter what may happen.

There is no doubt that all the rigid, formal rules about what is ‘office appropriate’ have  been broken in the entrepreneurial world. Gone are the days when everybody wanted to look the same, wearing their power suits and  polished and confident are only adjuncts to knowing your subject and business inside and out.

We are not joining the ranks of internet wannabees but we are shaking up a traditionally stuffy industry and saying come on guys _ chill out.

The key is being happy.

Embracing a larger subset in people, as well as in food, will open up the doors to happiness we couldn’t have previously imagined and the way to do this is offer people a more inspirational property service.

This service would be at a higher level and offer this at a higher price. Time poor high earners will take this option and have you help  to sell homes.

Realtor network is issuing a call to action for all entrepreneurs, estate agents,  and their management teams to bring to estate agency into the 21st century and share their visions of the future.

If we embrace the happiness of property buyers and sellers with higher service levels exist we will make a large amount of movers very happy

Investors Are Saying ‘We Are Ripping The Estate Agency Industry To Shreds’ (And What We Can Do About It)

Problem to the solution for estate agents in the battle against online property sellers with websites only.

If you are an estate agent today I guess you are aware the UK has the lowest priced property brokerage system on the planet and know that slashing margins to the bone will not enhance service. Richard Williams- “If you are an estate agent today I guess you are aware the UK has the lowest priced property brokerage system on the planet and know that slashing margins to the bone will not enhance service.”

At the exact same time that Tepilo, Emoov, Purple Bricks, YOPA, House Simple, Settled and its investors are saying ‘we are ripping the local estate agency industry to shreds’ by offering a lower  cost ( lower standard of service)  to consumers, we say let’s enable and extend the existing estate agent industry and infrastructure across the UK, transforming it into estate agents shared offices, shared administration, high speed conveyancing, share stock (any agent can list/any agent can sell) with a behind the scenes b2b or rather a2a (agent 2 agent) intranet (sharing property stock with commission split details), shared office centres will be home to many more agents who might more often than not attend an office once or twice a week as they are mainly working from home.

We are equipping estate agents to come together with a common purpose on a system of collaboration designed to overcome the onslaught of low service online estate agents. By launching a system for savvy estate agent’s who are fundamentally  concerned with combatting a plan set by online property portals whose mission seems  to be based on the  destruction of local estate agents.

In order to overcome a group of investors with very deep pockets with a mission to rip the local estate agent model to shreds we are going to need to collaborate on investing in and all using the very latest IT systems.

By implementing an agent 2 agent property platform anyone in the network can list a property and the other agents can sell it as if it is their own.

The faster a property is exposed to a maximum amount of buyers, with good CRM the faster it will be seen so viewed by more people and with more viewings comes a sale.

Whether contact is made online or offline a homeowner makes an appointment directly with an estate agent (usually within 2 miles from the seller) locally , the agent who will have shared offices (like a barristers chambers) will be available to meet clients by appointments in an office or at the client’s home.

Within the collaborative estate agent model, any agent can  arrange viewings, any agent can show any property and deal with parties in order to negotiate.

By sharing overhead an estate agent might be able to offer competitive costs without slashing bottom line profits.

Every agent commences on a 50/50 split until they have earned £50,000 in commissions themselves (in anyone 12 month period) and move to a 70/30 split once they earn £70,000 in any calendar year and £100,000 in annual earnings take the agent to 80/20 split with a desk/marketing/IT fee.

 With the office taking with the highest levels of service more seriously than its competitors our agents will win business from referral and recommendation.

The agents will share overheads and collaborate with property marketing to accomplish multiple marketing milestones for the buyers & sellers of property in one fell swoop:

  • We will attract new estate agents to a new MLS platform driving the property industry
  • Secure the employment of the existing estate agents and train them to the highest levels as professionals
  • Facilitate better value for consumers across the UK with faster sales.
  • Make money for the investors who backed the whole project in the form of better margins from a very healthy, cash generative, network-driven property consulting business.

Everyone wins.

If you are an estate agent today I guess you are aware the UK has the lowest priced property brokerage system on the planet and know that slashing margins to the bone will not enhance service.

Believing you probably get the picture. In business you can have low cost with low service, you can have high service but at a higher cost and as for the online cut price guys set to rip estate agency apart all I can say to any investor  is — “cutting costs whilst promising high levels service is just like spiking your own drink to pass out”.  

What we know  is that the property  entrepreneurs in our network will share a  dream  of enabling and extending our industry into ecosystems rather than ripping estate agency to shreds in order that a few deals cashes everyone out and great estate agents do exist.   

In order for estate agents to understand we come with best interests in mind we must get together and fight hard against investors preparing to blow tens of millions on marketing on online house sales companies.

In order for local estate agents to work we need the support of all parts of the funding/innovation/entrepreneurial ecosystem and not join the current obsession with estate agency destruction.

By grouping together in local offices collectively we  have the best passport to the future, these offices allow the estate agent to retain more of the commissions in  their personal pockets due to capital efficiency.

Individually the local estate agent does not have huge pockets of wealth in which to combat the online agents, whilst some of the UK’s wealthier  families and institutions rush to back the low cost online agents.

By having a system of offices that work like a barristers chambers or a serviced office based on one sector it means we can be much smarter to give estate agents a proper return for a very high level of service.

We are leveraging existing infrastructure rather than rebuilding it from scratch with new money.

There are really only a few things that are required to build the future:

  • We have to believe that we can achieve more by working with other estate agents in a spirit of cooperation-not competition by giving ourselves over to this collaboration as a contributor to our local property buyers & sellers.   
  • We must not quit and cannot say I will until it gets hard as no one said it will be easy.   Be prepared for every kind of insult possible.  (speaking from personal experience).
  • You have to study history in order to crystallise the model for the future.   The discount boys have been and gone before!
  • This is a real issue – a system leveled at closing down local estate agents is a challenge that cannot be ignored at the detriment of property owners and agents livelihoods.  
  • Estate agents who want to build a sustainable model for wealth creation which will support their firms must read Adam Smith, Rousseau, Chan Kim, Renee Mauborgen, Carlotta Perez, Hernando De Soto, Ronald Coase and others.
  • The investors are just gazing towards the internet and treating estate agents like taxi drivers (Uber) and I say to these investors do not follow the bravado.
  • The property owners are not as fixed on low cost as they are in reality seeking better faster and a more reliable property transaction.

I would like to quote to open your mind with Tolstoy’s description in War and Peace of Kutuzov, who led the Russian troops in battle against Napoleon’s invading army. I will do so again:  

   From long years of military experience he had learned, and

   with the wisdom of old age he had recognized that one man

   cannot guide hundreds of thousands of men struggling with

   death, that the fate of battles is not decided by the orders

   given by the commander-in-chief, nor the place in which the

   troops are stationed, nor the number of cannons, nor of killed,

   but by that intangible force called the spirit of the army, and

   he followed that force and led it as far as it lay in his power.

  Imagine if the local estate agents could group together stating to all that no such thing as an online estate agent exists.

You know that all estate agents have a website. Some have local offices with local agents who come to see you and others have one office that sends you a FOR SALE board in the post.

The online dream is a pitch. We really have low service or high service agents.   Imagine if most of the estate agents most of the time worked towards a model where there was a win, win, win: existing companies, new start-ups with a new business model, and individuals made a commitment to Ecosystem Economics as the solution to the pattern of history called creative destruction.

There is always a trade in every relationship in life.   And every relationship’s arc is more or less determined at the outset. It is unbelievably urgent right now to create the new settlement for the architecture of UK estate agent’s growth.

I and my company Airstream Consultants (UK) are one hundred percent focused on that future. Richard Williams is , neither capitalist nor socialist, but humanist with an abiding desire to build a growth story for UK property, a commitment to wealth creation in property as the way forward for the man in the street, and an obsession with proving  he’s right.

Julie Meyer- Chairman and Chief Executive – Ariadne Capital; Managing Partner – Ariadne Fund; Founder – EntrepreneurCountry Global; MBE for Services to Entrepreneurship

Our inspiration comes from Julie Meyer of Entrepreneur Country who I thank for an article written for LinkedIn in a similar style.

Watch Out The Cotswold Realtor Is About!

Leading Luxury Property Market Expert Ian Richardson Leads The Pace

The UK arm of property behemoth Keller Williams launched a competition and the winner will be a guest of honour at one of the worlds biggest property conferences.

I bet Ian will be in New Orleans for the event in 2016 and if so the Champagne is on Ian (I hope)

Since the competition was announced two weeks ago the Cotswold luxury property expert Ian Richardson has been outpacing his London Realtor counterparts.

Ian Richardson  Luxury Property Expert In The Cotswolds

Ian Richardson Luxury Property Expert In The Cotswolds

Should you seek to source or dispose of a luxury property in the Cotswolds then contact Ian directly

Looking for a quick house sale? Sell Your House Fast in London

The ideal property would be in excess of 2700 square ft (with potential to extend if possible) and a decent garden.

For A Quick Sale, Get In Touch NOW

How Can I Sell My Home Fast? For A Quick Sale, Get In Touch NOW

My mission is to help guide people in all aspects of property and property investing, by being part of the worlds largest network of property consultants we are able to collectively provide the tools, data and resources needed to maximise day to day property activities.

Going beyond helping people with their property needs and wants, my launching with Keller Williams UK, means we can help deliver top-notch property consultancy, networking, sourcing/selling properties and letting properties for investors. If this is your first contact with Keller Williams UK I’d like to personally extend a warm welcome to you. On behalf of all at Keller Williams we hope you will join our family of satisfied property investors, vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants.

We became an industry leader by clients like you trusting the brand once, coming back again and recommending others. After starting with one office Keller Williams now guide more clients through the property maze through 700 independently owned offices and have a team of over 100,000 independent estate agents. By offering better value than our competitors we are inspiring, developing, and transforming what for many is their greatest investment. Whether you are seeking property acquisition service, property sales, property investor would be delighted to meet to demonstrate why we have disrupted estate agency in so many regions.

You and I can look at the know how, networking, funding contacts, marketing other day to day property activities could impact countries and even continents that make us the largest property company of its kind in the world today. We are delivering on our promise to provide the highest quality property consultancy and at the very best price possible.